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Publié le mercredi 5 juillet 2023


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Silicon photonics light the way toward large-scale applications in quantum information
15 juillet
In a significant leap forward for quantum technology, researchers have achieved a milestone in harnessing the frequency dimension within integrated photonics. This breakthrough not only promises advancements in quantum computing, but also lays the groundwork for ultra-secure communications networks.
Researchers directly simulate the fusion of oxygen and carbon nuclei
15 juillet
The fusion of two nuclei is a complex process influenced by many factors. These factors include not only the relative energy and angular momentum of the two nuclei, but also how their structures evolve as they collide. The outcome of the collisions is dramatically impacted by the quantum (…)
Observing how light makes a metal—new details about the insulator-to-metal transition in a quantum material
15 juillet
With just the flick of a switch, quantum materials can undergo drastic changes. One notable example is the insulator-to-metal transition, a reversible physical phenomenon in which a material shifts from an insulating state, which will not conduct electricity, to a metallic one that will.
Physicists observe excited states in lanthanum-120
15 juillet
For the first time, physicists have observed excited states in the very neutron-deficient odd-odd nucleus, lanthanum-120. The study, published in Physics Letters B, was conducted by researchers from the Institute of Modern Physics (IMP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and their (…)
Exploring three-dimensional quantum Griffiths singularity in bulk unconventional iron-based superconductors
12 juillet
Exploration of exotic quantum phase transitions has always been a focus in condensed matter physics. Critical phenomena in a phase transition are entirely determined by the universality class, which is controlled by the spatial and/or order-parameters and is independent of microscopic details.
What flavor is that neutrino ? Adding flavor helps to track neutrino movement in astrophysical systems
12 juillet
Neutrinos have a quantum mechanical property called "flavor." This flavor can transform as neutrinos move through space. A major challenge is to keep track of both the physical movement of the neutrinos and their change of flavor in astrophysical systems such as core-collapse (…)
Neural networks made of light can make machine learning more sustainable
12 juillet
Scientists propose a new way of implementing a neural network with an optical system which could make machine learning more sustainable in the future. The researchers at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light have published their new method in Nature Physics, demonstrating a method (…)
Artificial intelligence could help make quantum computers a reality
12 juillet
Could artificial intelligence help overcome one of quantum computing’s biggest roadblocks ?
Securely propagating entanglement at the push of a button
12 juillet
Entanglement, Einstein’s "spooky action at a distance," today is THE tool of quantum information science. It is the essential resource for quantum computers and used to transmit quantum information in a future quantum network. But it is highly sensitive. It is therefore an enormous (…)
Belle II experiment reports the first direct measurement of tau-to-light-lepton ratio
12 juillet
The Belle II experiment is a large research effort aimed at precisely measuring weak-interaction parameters, studying exotic hadrons (i.e., a class of subatomic particles) and searching for new physical phenomena. This effort primarily relies on the analysis of data collected by the Belle II (…)
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