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Publié le mercredi 5 juillet 2023


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Tracing the history of perturbative expansion in quantum field theory
17 mai
Perturbative expansion is a valuable mathematical technique which is widely used to break down descriptions of complex quantum systems into simpler, more manageable parts. Perhaps most importantly, it has enabled the development of quantum field theory (QFT) : a theoretical framework that (…)
Researchers develop world’s smallest quantum light detector on a silicon chip
17 mai
Researchers at the University of Bristol have made an important breakthrough in scaling quantum technology by integrating the world’s tiniest quantum light detector onto a silicon chip. The paper, "A Bi-CMOS electronic photonic integrated circuit quantum light detector," was (…)
Study examines low-permittivity dielectric ceramics for microwave/millimeter-wave communication
17 mai
Microwave dielectric ceramics are the cornerstone of wireless communication devices, widely utilized in mobile communications, satellite radar, GPS, Bluetooth, and WLAN applications. Components made from these ceramic materials, such as filters, resonators, and dielectric antennas, are (…)
Researchers suppress non-Hermitian effects via ’fake’ magnetic fields
17 mai
Due to the presence of non-Hermitian components, wave intensities tend to localize at the system boundary, namely the non-Hermitian skin effect. The skin behavior is protected by topology, making it insensitive to minor changes. Nevertheless, it has recently been shown that the non-Hermitian (…)
Deep-sea sponge’s ’zero-energy’ flow control could inspire new energy efficient designs
17 mai
The Venus flower basket sponge, with its delicate glass-like lattice outer skeleton, has long intrigued researchers seeking to explain how this fragile-seeming creature’s body can withstand the harsh conditions of the deep sea where it lives.
The observation of a Spin Berry curvature-enhanced orbital Zeeman effect in a kagome metal
17 mai
In solid materials, magnetism generally originates from the alignment of electron spins. For instance, in the ferromagnet iron, the overall net magnetization is prompted by the alignment of spins in the same direction.
Researchers achieve ultra-high-Q free space coupling to microtoroid resonators
16 mai
Scientists from the University of Arizona have achieved far-field coupling of light to ultra-high quality factor microtoroids using a single objective lens. This could provide the foundation for a fully on-chip multiplexed microtoroid sensing platform.
Utilizing scanning SQUID microscopy to investigate local magnetic response of Bi2212
16 mai
Phase transitions in different states of matter, such as the condensation of gases into liquids or the transition from a normal metal to a superconducting state, can be described using Ginzburg-Landau symmetry-breaking theory. However, such a theory is no longer valid for phase transitions in (…)
Scientists demonstrate the survival of quantum coherence in a chemical reaction involving ultracold molecules
16 mai
If you zoom in on a chemical reaction to the quantum level, you’ll notice that particles behave like waves that can ripple and collide. Scientists have long sought to understand quantum coherence, the ability of particles to maintain phase relationships and exist in multiple states (…)
Physicists create optical component for 6G
16 mai
A joint team of physicists from Skoltech, MIPT, and ITMO developed an optical component that helps manage the properties of a terahertz beam and split it into several channels. The new device can be used as a modulator and generator of terahertz vortex beams in medicine, 6G communications, and (…)
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