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Publié le mercredi 5 juillet 2023


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A new (micro) lens on optics : Researchers develop hybrid achromats with high focusing efficiencies
9 décembre
Using 3D printing and porous silicon, researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign have developed compact, visible wavelength achromats that are essential for miniaturized and lightweight optics. These high-performance hybrid micro-optics achieve high focusing efficiencies, while (…)
A superconducting junction made from a single 2D material promises to harness strange new physics
8 décembre
Physicists at RIKEN have developed an electronic device that hosts unusual states of matter, which could one day be useful for quantum computation.
Conjoined ’racetracks’ make new optical device possible
8 décembre
When we last checked in with Caltech’s Kerry Vahala three years ago, his lab had recently reported the development of a new optical device called a turnkey frequency microcomb that has applications in digital communications, precision time keeping, spectroscopy, and even astronomy.
Research enables high-resolution imaging of moving objects using Fourier ptychographic imaging
8 décembre
Recently, a research team led by Prof. Wang Yingjian at Hefei Institutes of Physical Science (HFIPS) of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), proposed an efficient method to implement Fourier ptychographic imaging technology for moving objects, which successfully achieved high-resolution imaging (…)
Diamond quantum sensors measure neuron activity
8 décembre
A recent study by European scientists shows that highly sensitive sensors based on color centers in a diamond can be used to record electrical activity from neurons in living brain tissue. The work is published in the journal Scientific Reports.
A micro-ring resonator with big potential : Hybrid device significantly improves laser technology
8 décembre
The team at EPFL’s Photonic Systems Laboratory (PHOSL) has developed a chip-scale laser source that enhances the performance of semiconductor lasers while enabling the generation of shorter wavelengths.
Researchers quantify the onset of turbulence in a pipe bent back on itself
8 décembre
How much stress do pipes undergo when a liquid flows through them, and how does it depend on the degree of curvature of the pipe ?
Physicists ’entangle’ individual molecules for the first time, hastening possibilities for quantum computing
7 décembre
For the first time, a team of Princeton physicists have been able to link together individual molecules into special states that are quantum mechanically "entangled." In these bizarre states, the molecules remain correlated with each other—and can interact simultaneously—even if they (…)
Ancient stars made extraordinarily heavy elements, researchers find
7 décembre
How heavy can an element be ? An international team of researchers has found that ancient stars were capable of producing elements with atomic masses greater than 260, heavier than any element on the periodic table found naturally on Earth. The finding deepens our understanding of element (…)
Understanding the formation of minute droplets in microfluidic devices
7 décembre
The detailed physics behind droplet generation in microfluidic post-array devices has been clarified by scientists at Tokyo Tech. Through various experiments performed under different operational conditions, they gained important insights into how these small devices can be used to produce (…)
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