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Publié le mercredi 5 juillet 2023


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Mass-produced, commercially-promising multicolored photochromic fiber
1er mars
Fiber, as the wearable material with the longest application in the history of humankind, is currently an ideal substrate for wearable devices due to its excellent breathability, flexibility, and ability to adapt perfectly to the 3D irregular shape of the human body. As a means of (…)
New maser in a ’shoebox’ promises portable precision
1er mars
Researchers in Imperial College London’s Department of Materials have developed a new portable maser that can fit the size of a shoebox.
New laser experiment spins light like a merry-go-round
1er mars
In day-to-day life, light seems intangible. We walk through it and create and extinguish it with the flip of a switch. But, like matter, light actually carries a little punch—it has momentum. Light constantly nudges things and can even be used to push spacecraft. Light can also spin objects if (…)
Evidence of phonon chirality from impurity scattering in the antiferromagnetic insulator strontium iridium oxide
1er mars
The thermal hall effect (THE) is a physical phenomenon characterized by tiny transverse temperature differences occurring in a material when a thermal current passes through it and a perpendicular magnetic field is applied to it. This effect has been observed in a growing number of insulators, (…)
Scientists make nanoparticles dance to unravel quantum limits
1er mars
The question of where the boundary between classical and quantum physics lies is one of the longest-standing pursuits of modern scientific research, and in new research published today, scientists demonstrate a novel platform that could help us find an answer.
Ultra-compact head-mounted fluorescence microscopes for neuroscience studies
29 février
Research groups led by Prof. Bi Guoqiang, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), and Prof. Zhou Pengcheng from Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology of Chinese Academy of Chinese proposed a design for ultra-compact head-mounted fluorescence microscopes, which were applied (…)
Conduction-cooled accelerating cavity proves feasible for commercial applications
29 février
From televisions to X-ray machines, many modern technologies are enabled by electrons that have been juiced up by a particle accelerator. Now, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility has worked with General Atomics and other partners to unlock even more (…)
Scientists reveal how light behaves in formless solids
29 février
For a long time, it was thought that amorphous solids do not selectively absorb light because of their disordered atomic structure. However, a new uOttawa study disproves this theory and shows that amorphous solids actually exhibit dichroism, meaning that they selectively absorb light of (…)
Better neutron mirrors can reveal the inner secrets of matter
29 février
Improved neutron mirrors can increase the efficiency of material analysis in neutron sources such as the European Spallation Source. The improved mirror has been developed by researchers at Linköping University by coating a silicon plate with extremely thin layers of iron and silicon mixed (…)
When the music changes, so does the dance : Controlling cooperative electronic states in kagome metals
29 février
Playing a different soundtrack is, physically speaking, only a minute change of the vibration spectrum, yet its impact on a dance floor is dramatic. People long for this tiny trigger, and as a salsa changes to a tango completely different collective patterns emerge.
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