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Publié le mercredi 5 juillet 2023


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Scientists explain : What is inertial fusion energy ?
25 février
Fusion is a natural phenomenon that provides our planet with much of its energy—generated millions of miles away in the center of our sun.
Scientists closer to finding quantum gravity theory after measuring gravity on microscopic level
23 février
Scientists are a step closer to unraveling the mysterious forces of the universe after working out how to measure gravity on a microscopic level.
Researchers develop a computer from an array of VCSELs with optical feedback
23 février
In our data-driven era, solving complex problems efficiently is crucial. However, traditional computers often struggle with this task when dealing with a large number of interacting variables, leading to inefficiencies such as the von Neumann bottleneck. A new type of collective state (…)
Super strong magnetic fields leave imprint on nuclear matter
23 février
A new analysis by the STAR collaboration at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC), a particle collider at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory, provides the first direct evidence of the imprint left by what may be the universe’s most powerful magnetic (…)
How to track important changes in a dynamic network
23 février
Networks can represent changing systems, like the spread of an epidemic or the growth of groups in a population of people. But the structure of these networks can change, too, as links appear or vanish over time. To better understand these changes, researchers often study a series of static (…)
Enhanced 3D chemical imaging with phase-modulation
22 février
Understanding complex biological and biomedical systems is greatly aided by 3D imaging, which provides much more detailed information than traditional two-dimensional methods. However, live cell and tissue imaging remain challenging due to factors like limited imaging speed and significant (…)
Experiment paves the way for new set of antimatter studies by laser-cooling positronium
22 février
AEgIS is one of several experiments at CERN’s Antimatter Factory producing and studying antihydrogen atoms with the goal of testing with high precision whether antimatter and matter fall to Earth in the same way.
A new chapter for all-attosecond spectroscopy : Researchers achieve 1 kilohertz repetition rate
22 février
A team of researchers from the Max Born Institute in Berlin has, for the first time, demonstrated attosecond-pump attosecond-probe spectroscopy (APAPS) at a repetition rate of 1 kilohertz. This became possible by the development of a compact, intense attosecond source using an out-of-focus (…)
Photon upconversion : Steering light with supercritical coupling
22 février
National University of Singapore researchers and their collaborators have unveiled a novel concept termed "supercritical coupling" that enables a several-fold increase in photon upconversion efficiency. This discovery not only challenges existing paradigms, but also opens a new (…)
Scientists discover exotic quantum interference effect in a topological insulator device
22 février
In a novel experiment, physicists have observed long range quantum coherence effects due to Aharonov-Bohm interference in a topological insulator-based device. This finding opens up a new realm of possibilities for the future development of topological quantum physics and engineering.
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